Sudoku Social – Number Puzzles [FREE][Game]

Hi all, Dominic here from Code Metallium Studio. We just released our new game Sudoku Social. Enjoy sudoku with your family and friends! How fast can you complete the logic puzzles to rank on the global leaderboards?…token=MyEahB6E

✓ Thousands of sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Social is a real brain teaser. Have a great time with this logic game and exercise your brain!
✓ Sudoku puzzles come in 4 difficulty levels. Sudoku Social suits skill levels from beginner to advanced players. You can choose Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert logic puzzles. Learn and improve skills in this puzzle game.
✓ Challenge your friends. Play number games with friends and compare your time and earned points in sudoku daily puzzles. Use the best sudoku strategies to win!
✓ Global leaderboards. Play the innovative online leaderboard system in Sudoku Social that ranks the fastest puzzle completion time between players on any device. Prove you’re the best in the sudoku worldwide leaderboard and become the next brain game champion!
✓ Themes. Choose your colors and play sudoku with beautiful styles.
✓ Cross-play. Use your account across platforms. Invite your friends to join the brain game, regardless of the device.
Best of all? This is all free!

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