suggestions needed for Android TV box needed

I am looking for suggestions on a quality Android TV box. I bought two DQ6 boxes and there are issues. Most I can work with.
But the major issue is that it does not play live sports well. The picture is chopping and skips. The motion is not smooth.

It seems that anything that I can afford is cheap and not supported. It seems like none of the boxes can get firmware android updates.
Others, like the Nividia shield at $300 are way more expensive than I can afford.

I am switching from the firestick and hate it. I was so tired of the cluttered interface and amazon garbage everywhere. Plus the memory was incredibly limited.

I have been looking around and have not found a decent box. I will not order from China and wait two months for a product that may be defective. I have seen this happen many times on ebay and amazon.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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