Surface Duo with skin – Green screen issue?

My Surface Duo developed the green screen issue on the right screen after its first full day of usage.
Lucky me!šŸ™ˆ

It was replaced by Microsoft under the Advanced warranty replacement, and Iā€™m hoping when it arrives with them later today they will not then charge my CC. Anyways, the new unit is working really well. I had put a skin on my original SD to protect it, and to hide a metal plate under the skin, that I planned to use to mount in the car. Had it actually worked for long enough before the green screen, for me to actually use it in the car šŸ„².
I would like to fit a skin to the replacement Duo, but am now unsure.

Could someone tell me if there is any link between having a skin on the SD and the green screen issue? Have any of you used a skin on your Duo for a length of time and had no green screen issue. Iā€™m just worried that if I put a new skin on this Duo, I will get the green screen issue again, but at the same time do want the extra protection a skin will give from scratches etc.

I do appreciate any advice anyone might give.

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