Swiftkey Keyboard: constant pop up notifications asking to confirm keyboard or…

Hi All:

i’ve been using Swiftkey Keyboard for a long time and now, it has been bought by Microsoft, so now it’s called Microsoft Swiftkey.

on any of my previous phones, including the S20 Ultra which i used from its introduction around Feb/March 2020 till just a week ago, everything was fine as usual.

with this new S21 Ultra, however, i get very frequent (roughly daily, if not multiple times each day, very annoying!) pop ups requesting something. i can’t even tell what it’s requesting, but it seems like it’s asking me to confirm my keyboard choice or possibly Samsung Keyboard asking me if i want to use the Samsung Keyboard? i can’t tell, as it doesn’t have an explicit question asking me anything. when the pop up shows up, the bullet point for selecting which keyboard i want to use has ALREADY selected/highlighted the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard. i have no idea why either the S21 Ultra or Samsung Keyboard or something else keeps wanting me to confirm this multiple times each and every day!

may i please kindly ask if someone could please try to help me resolve this please?

thank you in advance.

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