switched back to VZW … unlocked phones … never expected these problems

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Hi there,

I finally bit the bullet about 6mos ago and bought 2 unlocked phones on Swappa. Mine is a Note 10+. I’m not nearly as happy with unlocked as are the diehard unlocked fans.

Finally having gotten sick of T-Mo’s slow speeds after about 4 years we switched back to VZW about 10 days ago.

We realized that likely our biggest problem with slow speeds, dropped calls and lousy connections at home is that 1/2 of our house used to be an old schoolhouse and I do mean old. We’re talking we live in the area the Laura Ingles grew up. So we have 1/2 a house with really thick walls. Nothing can be done about that. The other half of the house is newer but we still have the same kind of problems. All issues likely include rural living where the signals are poor anyway. We had a booster from TMO that I’ll be returning. That helped a little bit but nothing impressive.

So, this little project took me 4 trips to the VZW store. Somewhere in there I did take home a Note 20 (the low end version) and wound up taking it back. Did not impress me in the least and I have never not loved a Note 🙁 I am using my Note 10+.

Ok, so now I no longer have a Visual Voicemail app even though I’m paying for it and I need it badly. At work I now have an overly slow connection, worse than TMO. I tried one booster app from the Play Store which did nothing, still no more than 2 bars when sitting at my desk. Before I try more any recommendations? I do not have a rooted phone nor do I want to root.

I’ve heard sometimes the Visual Voicemail is on the SIM so maybe I got a SIM that didn’t have it?

Open to suggestions. Maybe I should have tried US Cellular instead, sigh ….



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