Switching carriers and bringing my own device question

I am currently a Verizon customer and I have a Galaxy S9 that I purchased from Verizon. I am seriously thinking of switching over to Consumer Cellular. I know my phone is compatible. But I am wondering if all features are compatible? I want to know if WiFi calling and the mobile hotspot will work on Consumer Cellular with my Verizon branded phone? Those features are available at Consumer Cellular, its just a question of whether my "Verizon phone" will allow it to work. Yes, my phone should be unlocked. I paid it off a year ago.

Does anyone know the answer to this?

If either of those features are not available then I will have to buy a new phone and for that I am thinking of buying a unlocked phone from Samsung rather that buying one from Consumer Cellular. Samsung would give me a good chunk of money right now on a trade-in.

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