system up detected this morning sd card can’t read and also safetly unmounted need help

so i have never seen this before but this morning i got that notification sd card issue and then that other phone came up on phone underneath<-had issue before i did wipe cache but this is something new

now i know somebody in samsung community wrote something saying can’t wite page 5…1035/page/5You can try this it worked for me. Go to app and search for system ui. After entering system ui clear its cache memory and then force stop it. Then restart your mobile . This might fix your problem.

now i try to search system ui when restarted but i not there before i restarted did say that notification now and can’t find it can somebody help me how to find system ui app on phone

then again i’m not sure if write is same thing as can’t read sd card i did go to verizon and another cell phone store they try to remove sd card on s20 and inset back when had it on s7 nada

basically cell phone place told me tues to bring it and see if they bring sd card back diagnose it so it can read phone and have to go back using s7 phone as backup

i haven’t try to see sd card still works s7 or not now i got a default phone ringtones verizon and no pics aren’t showing up camera or gallery

i don’t know what to do i never had this issue before system ui saying can’t read sd card instead besides sd card message once again saying sd card was safetly unmounted please restart phone

so again if somebody can redirect me to system ui app thing so i can clear memory and force stop restart phone will that make it readable despite what that person say community to do when sd card was write i don’t know is wrote and read are same thing or not

god i’m screwed i hope if nobody can’t help me find system ui app so i can do that am i screwed is my old sd card no longer works when from s7 when on s20 anymore on s20 plus got phone before christmas last year, can phone place get it work am i have to get new sd card or what?

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