T-Mobile Video Calling to Other Networks!?

Apologies if this has been discussed already. So as you probably know, T-Mobile has had its own native video calling feature for Samsung and other phones for awhile now. I guess it sort of fell into disuse when Samsung started letting people make Duo calls from the dialer, but believe it or not you can still use the T-Mobile video dialer by going into the "Make video calls using…" option in the dialer menu. As per T-Mobile’s most recent docs, you can only call people with a compatible phone, and a domestic T-Mobile number:


So imagine my surprise yesterday when I selected my friend (who is not on T-Mo) in my contacts the other day to call him, and noticed that the video call icon was lit up. I tried it out and it launched the T-Mobile video calling app, not Duo. And before you think that maybe this is due to the Sprint merger, my friend is on AT&T. I’ve tried sifting through my contacts to see who else I can call, but so far it’s just this guy.

Curious if anyone else has had this experience? Are you able to video call people outside the T-Mo network?

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