Tab S7 or iPad Pro 11 (2021) for gaming?

I’m looking at a better tablet for gaming, I have currently the S9+ and S6 Lite. My S6 Lite has issues running the one game I want to play the most, it constantly crashes but it does not on my S9+, so I am looking at the S7 or iPad Pro 11. Problem is, I’ve never owned an Apple device at all and I’m hearing mixed things about the iPad. By pure power/RAM speed, it outright wins and should work wonderfully for a pure gaming device but the price tag is a bit off putting, plus the fact I have to get the Apple Pencil which is 130 on it’s own.

So can anyone tell me which one would be worth it more for a gaming tablet? I’m by no means an artist or photographer, at worst I’ve tried Clip Studio Paint on my Tab S6 solely so I could see how drawing is with a pen vs a mouse. If I ever was going to try doing more art, I’d pick up an actual tablet made for that and use my PC, so that isn’t much of a problem for me in the end.

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