Tab S7 or used iPad pro

I’ve been looking at getting a tablet for some gaming, taking notes on, reading, and streaming video content on. Looking at my phone screen all the time is taxing on my eyes. I really would like to get a tablet with at least 128gb storage and a high refresh rate. Doesn’t have to be an OLED panel. My budget is around $400. I have seen the 11" iPad pro and the Tab S7 on Swappa for around this price. I’ve seen a few comparisons between the two when it comes to gaming and resolution and the iPad comes out on top of the tab S7.

My phone is an S21 Ultra and I have no desire to get an iPhone nor do I need a tablet to "communicate" with my phone. Obviously the iPad pro is the standard when it comes to tablets, but I’m struggling to sell myself on one. So I keep looking at the Tab S7 thinking it could suffice for my needs and wants. But then I see the price and think, for the same price or a little bit more I can get an iPad pro that will probably be better supported.

I also don’t want to get sucked into the apple ecosystem and I fear that buying an iPad would be the gateway to that. My wife has everything apple and has an iPad air and an older one that is pretty much used for zoom calls with my daughter’s therapist. I’m not sure I could justify having a third iPad in the house just so I could have a smooth gaming experience. My wife would want me to just settle and use the older iPad. Part of the price would be from Christmas so I’d be paying out of pocket for the rest. I suppose I should just wait and save for the rest then I can come back when money is not part of the decision.

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