Tablet for gaming

So, I have been using my S6 Lite for about a month now and have suddenly came to an issue I can’t figure out how to get around to continue using my tablet with a specific game. I play Jurassic World the Game which should only require 2GB to play, tablet has 4 but I am finding constant crashes every few minutes. With the upcoming S7 Lite, which of the S7 series tablets would be good for gaming or even prior ones that would be good? I have a Galaxy S9+ that runs it just fine but on the tablet in the last week, it crashes so much it’s near impossible to play and I cannot find a way to clear enough stuff from the background tasks to get it to play without that issue.

I have no idea if I can ever turn my S6 Lite in for a better tablet, hoping that is the case for the S7 Lite if it is going to be better overall for gaming than the S6. It runs just fine otherwise but the main reason I wanted it is having some severe issues that I can’t figure out a cause or fix for.

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