Texty for Mac and Google Messages

I am one of those people who likes the macOS operating system, but uses android for my phone. Previously I was using Noti which works with push bullet to push all your phone notifications to your Mac computer. It works really well and helps me to know when I get an important notification that I need to pick my phone up for.

Texty I found the other day just randomly searching google messages on Mac. Its an app built for the Mac desktop that allows you to use google messages on your computer. It runs in the background and can be configured to start automatically when you boot up your computer. All you do is just sync google messages on your phone using the QR code scanner. The app is installed via apples App Store for Mac. It does have a pro mode but its a whole $5.49 a year that unlocks all of the features. Which given the current state of subscription apps is a really good price because its a yearly charge not monthly.

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