The $3.86 Pixel 5a Case

Last week, while waiting for my new Pixel 5a to arrive I went on Amazon and looked for cases. I prefer clear cases and I’ve bought Spigen and Ringke "crystal clear" cases for my Pixel 2XL. There weren’t many available for the Pixel 5a. Just a bunch of brand names I’d never heard of.

I settled on one made by Hoomil. (Who?) The price was $3.86. The claim was it was discounted 74% off regular price. The features looked decent, certainly in line with Spigen and Ringke. I figured for $3.86 if I didn’t like it I could simply throw it away.

I’ve received it and I won’t be throwing it away. It’s surprising…good. Not just good for the price, but it seems to be every bit as good as the Spiegen or Ringke. Of course there is the price, $3.86, which was ridiculously good, and it’s an Amazon Prime product meaning free 2 day shipping. Fit is very good. All the cutouts and holes are in the proper place and accurately centered. Weighing in at 30 grams it is neither ultra thin nor bulky.

It came with a crazy amount of packaging. There was a styrofoam slab that fit inside snugly the case. The case/styrofoam slab was inside a thin plastic sheath. The case/slab/sheath was nestled inside a plastic tray. The case/slab/tray/sheath were inside a plastic bag. This entire assembly was inside a cardboard box. Geez, waste some resource why don’t you?

I just checked Amazon now and it is priced at $13.98, which I guess is the regular price. I see there are several more brands now available, including Spigen ($13.99). Some of the other no-names come with screen protectors.

All in all, a nice case. I’d look for it to go on sale again, but even at $13.98 it’s comparable to a Spigen.




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