The FE 5G is a killer phone

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Cracked my s10+ and decided to trade it in for this bad boy. No regrets. This 120hz screen is extremely noticeable and makes the UI experience 10x better than the 10+. It has wifi6, 5g, bigger battery, and a faster SD card port. It supports faster charging than the 10+ and the fingerprint scanner works better, imo. They also added this glow to the scanner that doesn’t appear on the 10+ which doesn’t do anything but looks cool.

The screen on time is worse than the 10+ when new. I was getting about 10-11 hrs with the 10+ when I first got it. With the FE 5G I’m at 7 hours with 26% on the battery. It runs warmer then s10+ as well. The screen is a downgrade on paper but I honestly don’t see a noticeable difference between the two. I’m running 2GB less with Ram on the FE but I haven’t felt that difference either. Navigating around and switching between apps feels better on this phone.

Honestly? I don’t see why I’d want a more expensive phone from the S20 line or Note line. The cons are hardly cons for me with this phone


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