The future of Android smartphones and their manufacturers. This is what I think about.

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Google has become an independent phenomenon of our reality. This financial corporation no longer serves humanity, but the interests of its owners.
Smartphone buyers want reliable, simple devices that can be repaired and serviced.
A smartphone should only be able to do what is needed. For photos there is a camera, for example. Multimedia harvesters in your pocket? Are you seriously?
I’m talking about sharing information. These are SMS, telephony, e-mail, browser, messengers and calls via the Internet.

Universal flagships. Do you know at least one that is worth the money? Me not.

Google is trying to make a universal operating system for smartphones. But this is impossible. Because all people are different, and 80% of the inhabitants of this planet will never buy a smartphone for more than $ 200.
Motorola makes interesting and reliable, durable, inexpensive smartphones. I respect them for that.

But I see that world capitalism does not like it. Merchants want the consumer to be a slave. The consumer is a drug addict, on the hook for purchases and new technological innovations. This is a bad way, this is vampirism. This is not good.

Android is moving towards increasing the power of smartphones. But is it necessary? Do you need games on a 7-inch display? I’m not sure if this is really needed in a smartphone. For this there are tablets to read and play on the road, or while lying in bed.

I think Google needs to think more carefully about smartphone buyers. Otherwise, we end up in the digital GooLag of capitalism.


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