The hinge, opening the phone and when it’s fully opened.

I tend to be anal, so maybe I’m just being a little too anal here, but the way people were describing the Z Flip hinge made it sound like it was REALLY tight. Going off of that, I was a little taken aback at when I would open mine, it seems a little "easier" to open than I thought. Should I be concerned here about the durability of my particular hinge? Again, it’s not like it just flip opens easily with the flick of my wrist like you would see on an old Star Trek episode, but it’s still a little easier than I thought it would be, and I’m a small guy with small hands.

Also, this might just be my OCD talking, but I also notice when the phone is open, I look at it from the side and it doesn’t seem to be completely flush flat. Again, nothing huge whatsoever, it’s barely noticeable, but unfortunately noticeable to me ever so slightly. And of course I’m able to confirm this even more when I have it open and lay it down on an even, flat surface and gently push down on it, there’s just a hair of a small open space. Anyone else noticing this too?

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