The number of photos in the gallery and the DCIM folder is not the same.

At first, I just wanted to send a screenshot to my friend but I couldn’t find it. Strangely the screenshot is in the gallery, but when I open Whatsapp to upload it from there, the screenshot is not there. It was only then that I realized that the number of screenshots in the DCIM folder is not the same as the number of screenshots in the gallery. In the gallery, there are 500+ screenshots whereas in the DCIM folder there are only 90 screenshots. If the photo that I want to upload is not found when I want to upload it from several apps, I have to manually upload it from the gallery and then click Send to the intended app. Is there some kind of bug? Because recently the same thing happened but not in the screenshots folder.

Anyone could help?

note: this doesn’t only happen on Whatsapp because what I think is the problem is in DCIM

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