The Pixel 5a Battery Endurance Thread

One of my main criteria for a cell phone is battery life. Prior to the 5a I have owned Pixel 2XL and Moto Droid Turbo. All were battery beasts. Surprisingly, the 2XL, with it’s 3520 mAh battery proved to have better battery endurance than my Droid Turbo, with a larger battery of 3900 mAh.

So here comes the Pixel 5a with an incredible 4680 mAh battery. What kind of battery life will we get?

I’ve been keeping a log. I don’t have much data collected yet, but I just went two full days on a single battery charge. I took my phone off the charger on September 8th at 9:00am at 94% charge. I just put it on the charger this morning, September 10th at 8:31 am and it was at 15% charge. During those two days I had screen on time of 6 hours, 2 minutes. I am thrilled.

Last Sunday I went from 99% charge to 42% charge in 12 hrs. 3 minutes and I had 4 hours 34 minutes screen on time. This tells me I could probably use my 5a phone continuously for over 8 hours between charges. Goodbye battery anxiety!

I have installed GSam battery app and will be keeping an eye on battery performance. This battery app tracks individual app usage and how much they contributed to battery drain, screen on time, battery temp, etc.

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