The security in my settings keeps crushing

I’ve just purchased a Vodafone Smart Prime 6 running Android 5.0.2, and I want to set a lock screen PIN. Every time I go into the Settings app and attempt to open Security, it looks like the Settings app crashes – iIt just quits immediately after, every single time. I have tried wiping the cache partition via the Recovery Tool (Power + Volume Up key), which made no difference. I then attempted to reset the phone – but I was dubious as to whether this would make a difference considering at this stage the only substantial thing I have done on the phone is log in to my Google account – and that did not work either.

As a last resort I have tried searching for "PIN", "home", "security" and anything else that I can imagine would be in the Security section of Settings, and nothing is returned. It’s as if nothing exists in that section of the Settings app.

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