Thinking about coming back?

Wanted to get your opinion. I had almost every note from note 2 to note 10 except for note 5. I loved my time with Samsung but ventured away last year with the LG v60 dual screen. Thought it would be good to have two screens for productivity reasons. Got the v60 and it just wasn’t as good an experience as the note series. Then when the duo dropped in price I chased that one. There again the two screens were nice but the software just wasn’t as good as Samsung’s. Anyway with the fold 3 now having spen functionality I am thinking of purchasing the fold 3.

Here is my question. Do you find that you still need a tablet with owning the fold3? Being that those two other non Samsung phones left me disappointed , I purchased the tab s7. If I decide on purchasing the fold 3 (used) I was going to sell the two phones and the tablet and basically just work off the fold3.

I don’t game any and mostly use the phone for texts, calls, and YouTube. I do a little amount of productivity with Microsoft excel, one note, word and reading on Kindle. I am retired now so it is not an extensive amount of work in the microsoft apps. Might even sell my Surface pro 6. Would want to see how well the fold 3 works with the little productivity I do now.

Also, miss discussing samsung stuff with you guys. Been on this forum since note 2 I believe.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your opinions. Just really miss Samsung and my note phones!

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