Three months with my chromebook

Back in June, I got an Acer Chromebook Spin 713, my first Chromebook. I was all in on the Google ecosystem, having used the chrome browser for years, and have a Google Pixel phone.

I had done a lot of research and found that the 713 was one of the best at the time. I got a good deal at the time on eBay with a refurbished one from the Acer store. When it arrived it was like new, and so far I have had nothing but good luck with it. No issues at all. It’s fast, the battery lasts a long time snd charges fast. It does everything I need a laptop to do. Most of what I do on a computer I do in the cloud, except some video editing and photoshop work, but I have a couple of desktops for that. The only time I would find myself using a laptop for photo editing would be when I was on vacation and I have found that I rarely do that anyway. I wait until I am back home. All in all this Chromebook has been the best laptop I have ever owned.

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