Trade Ins – please help with the fine print [title edited by Mod]

Hi there,

I got screwed on a trade in awhile back and don’t want to make the same mistake again. Every time I do an upgrade it seems there’s something sneaky going on and I wind up paying a whole lot more than what I thought it would be and on the hook for 2 years making my bill way over what we can really afford to pay because of the dang payment plans for the phone itself.

We’re currently on Verizon and I’m thinking of buying direct from the Samsung site. Looking at this page for example:…token=mobC14fh
in the upper right area they say Unlocked from $449.99 then you go through their trade in process and I got 4 phones with a total of $555.00 trade in value. This phone is $1049.00 full price.

So where do they take the $555.00 off as in what dollar amount am I looking at seeing on my bill as a balance due? The last time I upgraded in a similar way I would up having to pay the entire $1049.00 in payments. I was furious! I don’t want any phone payments on my bill.


We have 2 phones, one for hubby and one for me plus I want to add a phone to be the home phone for emergencies and to use for "giving out" when I don’t want to give out my cell # I’ve done this before and it works real slick.

Hubby’s balance due on his phone is $140 and mine is $600 (ouch!) Does Verizon still allow me to use my hubby’s phone for an upgrade and then swap the phones within the account afterwards?


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