transferring from Android to an iPhone

Have any of you done this? Right now I need a phone because my LG v40 is not doing well as the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work and the battery’s running down pretty quickly. I added a new phone line onto my account for my daughter. She doesn’t need a phone now so I can pick one up and I’m thinking about getting an iPhone the pro Max 12. Supposedly there is a program that switches "everything" from your Android to the iPhone. I guess that’s messages and contacts and I don’t know what they do about the apps. Unlike windows vs Mac apps, the iPhone probably has all the apps that Androids have and plenty more. AT&T loyalty can take off $300 from the price of a new phone and an $1,100 phone would cost $800 / 36 or $22 a month for the installment agreement for an iPhone 12 Pro Max

So I wonder if you’ve ever made this transfer and what was it like and do you have any idea when a new version of the iPhone will come out and does it pay to wait for that? I know this isn’t an apple group you guys are smart. What is the app for the Apple group. Is the S21 Ultra by Samsung that much better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

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