Trapped in a Samsung Session Expired/Two-Step Authentication Loop

I got sick of those constant messages about Samsung Cloud or One Drive or whatever that I never used or wanted to use, so I tried to uninstall and disable as much as I could. But then I started getting notifications that say Samsung account | Session expired.

I can’t disable these notifications or do anything to hide them. When I tap them, I’m taken to a sign in screen. I enter my password.

The next screen are five options. Three options use circle checkboxes:
I agree to all.
Turn on Customization Service (optional)
I agree to share information about my contacts with Samsung so that I can use the Samsung Social service. (optional) This may use mobile data or text messages, which could result in additional charges.

Below those three options is a < DECLINE and an AGREE >. I don’t want any of the other things, so I just tap AGREE >.

I am then taken to another sign in screen where I have to enter my password again. So I do so.

Then, I am prompted with a screen that asks, "Turn on two-step verification? To use this app or service, your account needs to be protected by two-step verification." There’s a blue ‘Get started’ button, a faint grey ‘Not now’ button. There is also a ‘CLOSE’ option below. If I tap ‘Not now,’ then I’m thrown back to the previous sign in screen and I need to re-enter my password. When I tap ‘Get started,’ I go to a screen that asks to verify my phone number. I do so and tap the blue ‘Send code’ button.

If I don’t receive the text immediately, then I know I lost my connection to my network and need to text myself for it to show up, and if I do that, I can’t navigate back to that verification screen and need to restart the process. After doing that, or if I do get the text, I have to look at the code from the notification and NOT go to my texts or else I have to start over.

After I enter the code and tap ‘Go,’ nothing happens. If I tap the phone’s back button to get out of the input menu, I can see a faded blue ‘Verify’ button, which also does nothing. There’s a grey ‘Extend time’ button that will prevent the code from expiring, but there’s nothing that I can see that can complete this process. The only thing I can do is back out and dismiss this notification every 30 minutes or so.

Please help, this is so stupid and annoying. I’m using an S7 Edge SM-G935FD with Android 8.0.0.

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