Trouble Accessing Android 2.2 Internal Storage via USB on PC

Have an elliptical that runs android 2.2. Elliptical software was glitching, so I followed on line tutorial from manufacture to fix it. Now SD card options are greyed out, even when inserting a SD card. Can’t download elliptical software because it states "an sd card is required to download". Manufacturer stated something about a ‘virtual’ SD card and had me pay to send me a USB drive to ‘fix’ the problem, but it didn’t. I can verify USB does work, as the elliptical launches software from the USB. I’ve read that people have bypassed the whole "Not enough storage" when attempting to download something.
I’m attempting to connect my PC to the android tablet/elliptical to go around to reinstall the software on it. However, I cannot get the android to show up in my PC. I’ve tried using Android Studio (Not very good at navigating so I could be doing something wrong), enabling/disabling USB debugging mode, using AnyDriod, and google search to try and figure out why I can’t view the internal storage but I’m at a loss. I don’t have an app store on the andriod device (can’t download one either), and the only "file manager" I have is an app called ASTRO, but it’s broken and when launches takes me to a webpage that never loads.
Really I am open to any way that I can either 1) Access internal storage to android from my PC or 2)Make a virtual SD card on the android.

Andriod version 2.2
model sec_smdkv210

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