Trouble receiving data over a cellular connection.

I have the S21 and I have been on Consumer Cellular for the past six months.

My phone is not receiving data when using the cellular network. This just happened recently, I’d say in the past week. Before that everything worked. I do get data when connected to WiFi.

I can receive and send phone calls without WiFi no problem.

Consumer Cellular tried to troubleshoot it and was not successful. They don’t think it is the SIM card. I don’t either. They "claim" it is because I have a phone not purchased from them and that certain features may not work. I’m not buying that. It has been working for almost six months! I purchased a un-locked S21 from by the way.

I fear the problem might be a hardware issue with the phone.

So I can think of 3 things to do.

1. Try a new Consumer Cellular SIM card anyway.
2. Take the phone to Best Buy to a Samsung rep and have them try to diagnose it.
3. Switch over to T-Mobile (which I was thinking of doing anyway) and see if it works on their network. If not I’m back to
number 2.

My problem is that I have pre-ordered the Z Flip and my S21 is the trade-in. I can’t hardly trade in a phone that has issues. When that new phone comes I only have 2 weeks to return the old phone. I expect the new phone around the end of the month.

So what is the best thing to do? I need advice and quick!

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