Turn off ability to change sound getting by buttons

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+
Until tonight, I haven’t needed my phone to alert me of texts audibly but now, for a family situation, it is important I am notified of texts via tones so I don’t miss them when my phone is in the other room.

For years, I have always kept my media volume down all the way/off because I don’t want to hear when I accidentally hit unmute on an Instagram video while scrolling at 4am and accidentally jar my husband awake. So I always keep my volume down all the way unless I’m actively listening to something.

Now though, for the first time in years, I need to use my phone as a phone and need to hear my ringtone if I get an emergency text for a family situation.

On my iPhones, I would always press my volume all the way down after listening to something to keep my sound off but it didn’t set my -whole freakin phone to silent- and make my ringtone silent too. Intuitively, on my iPhones, those things were separate settings so you didn’t accidentally switch your phone to silent and miss important calls or texts. I never realized until tonight, when on this new Galaxy, I missed an important time sensitive text by 30 minutes which was really bad, that on Android phones, this same practice of turning your volume all the way down will also mute your ring and text tones. Please tell me there is some way around this that I am not finding online or in the settings because this is a serious deal breaker for me.


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