Turned my Pixel 4a into a dashcam

I bought a iOttie One Touch for my Pixel 4a.
I’ve been researching dash cams and watching reviews when it dawned me that I might be able to turn my Pixel 4a into a dash cam for my Honda Element. So I searched if there are any Android apps that would do the trick. After doing that search I found a highly recommended app… "Droid Dashcam" (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d…e.droiddashcam ). I used it this weekend and I was so impressed that I donated to the developer, which helps the developer and removes ads It has so many settings and features that I’m still tweaking it.
Looking at the reviews it appears the developer responds very quickly.
The only small complaint is the GPS takes a few seconds to lock on (showing my couch is traveling around .5 mph). It does settled down and when driving is accurate.
I’ve only been able to use it a couple of times so I’ll be updating this thread as time goes by.

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