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Was wondering if someone could help me here with what is likely an odd request. I am with AT&T and own a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and have a Microsoft Surface Duo arriving later today. I would like to have my one phone number on both phones. AT&T offers a service where you can have one phone number on a phone and the same phone number on a device like a watch or tablet. But they do not allow syncing of everything between two phones.

The goal is to have my Note 20 and Surface Duo become "one" phone; sort of like a clone. I am intrigued by the ability to have a specific phone with me that best accommodates my needs at that time. For example, if I’m going on a hike or to the store I would bring my Note… if I am going to the park to do some company work, I’d bring the Duo. But I would want the phones to basically sync everything so that anything done on one phone would replicate on the other phone.

Things like email, calendar, notes, browsers, photos, etc all sync between android phones and devices. Where I would need syncing is between phone call logs and SMS/MMS messages (texting). Not just syncing but if my Note receives texts and I send texts from the Note, all the received and sent texts would show up on my Duo. Same would go for call log, voicemail, etc.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this set up so it’s functional and practical? I believe Google Voice may be an option but I am not sure if it achieves the above goals or how to go about getting there if it is possible.

Thank you very much for any feedback!


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