Two Questions on my Galaxy Phone: Reminder Widget and on Google Alarm setting

Hey gang, I have two questions. Hopefully someone can answer.

A little background I switch from iPhone to galaxy S21 max phone a few weeks back. Still trying to figure out some things on it. Here are my questions

1) is there a reminder widget that actually looks at the Google Reminders instead of their own.

For example, I would say "hey Google set reminder for Monday at 9:45 AM for dental appointment." The reminder would be set but when I try to look for a widget to see my reminders at a quick glance I cannot find any that look at the reminders in Google. They all seem to have their own set of reminders where you need to set it in their application. It would be nice if I could get those reminders on the lock screen too.

I have been using Google Calendar Events now which is a pain because it wants me to verify it with a "Yes" on any event I set.

2) the other issue I have, when I say "hey Google set alarm for 6 AM". It works great alarm set at 6 AM. But a lot of times I wake up before then. And when I say "hey Google turn off alarm" it says you can do that in the app and pops up the app where I need to scroll through and find alarm and to turn off.

These are simple things. I’m sure that there is a workaround for this.

Any answers appreciated. Thanks

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