Two Watches and Samsung Pay??

So, I have a Galaxy Watch (Verizon LTE but using in BT only) and a Galaxy Watch 3 (Activated on Verizon LTE). When I transferred everything over to the Watch 3, I factory reset the watch, and then decided later that I would pair it again and use it as a backup in Bluetooth only mode.

Anyhow, I set up Samsung pay on the new watch. I was thinking it would be convenient to have it on both watches. However, when I go to add Samsung pay on the Watch profile, it gives a warning that it will reset the app on my phone and other watch and I will have to add the cards again.

So, the question is whether or not anyone else has Samsung Pay on two watches at once? I am hoping that the warning is just a default warning and it will not delete cards and reset the apps on the phone and other watch. But, I thought I would ask before I made things harder on myself.

Seems silly if you can pair more than one watch, but only use one for Samsung pay. Maybe a reason to trade the watch in for a watch 4 and use Google Pay on the watch 4? I mean, since they removed MST from the newest Galaxy phones, I am not really married to the Samsung app any longer anyway.

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