Ugh!! Looks like my screen died on my N20U. Suggestions?

So… I’m out of town for the weekend and I put my N20U on the charger and when I unplug it I believe the screen blipped and went black. I think I got one more blip out of the screen by pressing the power button a couple of times when the screen tap was unresponsive and has stayed black since.

I thought holding down power would force shutdown and hoped maybe a force shutdown and reboot would maybe get lucky… but I guess holding down the power button on the N20U doesn’t doesn’t force a shutdown like most devices. Because I can still plug the charge cable and get the sound it makes when it’s charging. Also I can take the S-Pen out of the silo and it will make the swish sound when you take it out and the sound when you put it back in.

So just checking if anyone knows of any key combo like a volume up+power or something to force a shutdown? I’m still hoping if I can force a shutdown I can maybe get lucky with a reboot if the screen really isn’t dead since I did get the screen to display if even for a second and it’s some system issue. If not I guess I’ll have to just wait for the battery to drain out or take it to ubreakifix to take a look and toss good money for a possible screen replacement if it is a bad screen.

Ugh! Just a month before S22Ultra announcement too!!

I was toying with the idea of selling my N20U at Swappa for around $500-600 and I can get a S22U through my company’s corporate account for around $700-800 only costing me $200-300 out of pocket. But this possible dead screen puts a monkey wrench in that if I need to pay for a screen replacement and honestly this is kinda pissing me off where I am not sure if I wanna go S22U now.

The only thing that is important to me is all the pics I’ve taken since I got my N20U and would be pretty upset if I couldn’t recover them. But the one great thing about the N20U… microSD card!!… and that I set all my photos to be saved to the card so I they should all be there when I plug them into my PC when I get home… so that’s why I am contemplating not bothering with paying a screen replacement. I was thinking I didn’t really care the S22U may not have an SDcard slot anymore… but now I am rethinking that.

Luckily, I packed my iPhone XR with me on my trip that I use as a running phone so I can pop my sim in there.

I think it’s a dead screen but figured I’d ask if anyone had any suggestions or know of any key press combo I can do to force a shutdown to make sure not some system freeze/glitch since I can’t seem to power it down. Thanks.

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