Unable to disable floating bubble notifications in OS 11

Despite having set disabled floating bubble notification in settings, bubble notifications popup still.

For a couple weeks now, I noticed this strange occurrence of floating bubbles popping up giving me notification. I thought nothing of it until everytime I am watching a YouTube video whether full screen or not, the bubble notification will automatically minimize the YouTube video I am watching.
After several occurrences of this, I realize this bubble thing is getting on my nerves.
A Google search gives directions on how to disable but following them lead me astray since the Bubble option was absent.
Only today (21 Feb 2021) did I do a manual check on update of my phone Samsung Galaxy S10+ unlocked. Sure enough there was a OS update. An hour later after update and updating all the apps from Google Play store, I see the new Advanced options of Floating notification. I tick the option OFF.
Minutes later I receive a notification with a bubble.
I figure rebooting my phone.
Again, the same problem.

Google searching gives the same useless instructions
Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Bubble
Tick OFF
Go to Settings > Notifications > Bubble
Tick OFF

I see Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings > Floating notifications
Of the three options, OFF, Bubble, and Smart view pop-up
I tick OFF

Still bubble notifications keep happening.

Would be fine at ignoring but rather annoying when watching a YouTube view any notification auto minimizes my window.

Not cool.

Is there any recommended fix beyond the obvious?

Thank you.

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