Unable to enter the recovery mode to do factory reset, Stuck in Odin Mode

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I thought it would be good to post this question in this general forum instead of going to the forum for this specific model (Galaxy Core)

I have an older Samsung phone model Galaxy Core SM-G360F which I didn’t use for several years. Today I wanted to use it again, but I can’t remember the password that I set up on it years ago. I decided to do a factory reset, but alas, for some reason I am unable to get the recovery menu with the usual key combination: Volume UP + HOME + Power On. If I keep these three keys pressed, the phone turns on and displays this menu:


Please note that there is nothing below this text except the Samsung’s usual logo. Here is a picture where I tried to catch the entire mobile phone’s screen:


I don’t know why this "Odin Mode" appears instead of the recovery mode from which I could select Factory reset?

If I keep the following 3 buttons pressed: Volume Down + HOME + Power On, I will get the download screen like this:


and pressing Volume UP leads me to something that also seems to be some form of Odin Menu. But I can’t choose Factory reset from that menu either. If I press Volume Down at that point the phone just restarts itself.

Does anyone know how to get into the Recovery mode by using the phone’s buttons only?

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