Unable to hear Notifications on phone speaker when bluetooth connected

I’m using a new Pixel 5 with Android 11. How do I get Text Message Alert Notifications on both Bluetooth my headset AND my phone speaker Simultaneously. Currently Text Message alerts (regardless of the default texting app) are sounded ONLY on the Bluetooth Headset and NOT the phone’s speaker if the Bluetooth is connected. If my Bluetooth Headset should happen to be connected but not "in the ear" notifications will be missed. Incoming Call Ringtones are sounded on both. Text Message and other alert notifications should also have this option. My prior phone (Samsung S7) had this problem until Google Assistant was disabled. This new Pixel 5 however does not seem to have a similar remedy. Android version is 11. Tested on Samsung HBS910 and Exfit BCS-700 headsets with the same results.

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