Unable to transfer images from S21 5G via USB to Win 10 PC

Previously able to connect via PD USB cable and view/copy images from "file Explorer". All current updates are done on PC and phone, carrier is Spectrum. phone only has Spectrum sim, no 2nd slot for microSD. This all started after the recent update on the 14th of Dec. Our other Spectrum cell, S20 5G is able to transfer files easily via USB. purchased phone new directly from Samsung. working fine otherwise.
model# SM-G991U1
tried everything suggested on the internet I could find,
current Developer options: on
USB Debugging-on
WiFi scan throttling-on

unlock phone plug in USB cable, set default action view files, go to storage, DCIM, Camera, result-this folder is empty.
actually, there are 20 some odd gig of pics.

any suggestions?

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