Unlink Xiaomi Mi Home from Google Home

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I have an interesting problem.

I linked Mi Home to Google Home in the Android App but unfortunately I linked the wrong Mi Home account. I have two Mi Home accounts with different email logins. One is set to Australia for my vacuum and 1 set to mainland china for my wall plugs. I wanted to link the later.

Now I can’t get them to unlink.

I have tried
– In the Google Home App, clicking on Mi Home under "linked services" and selecting "unlink account"
– Deleting the "Home" in google Home that was linked to the Mi Home
– Clearing the cache on Google Home
– Deleting the data on Google Home
– Uninstalling google home
– Going to saved passwords on google home and deleting password for anything with xiaomi or mi home in it
– Going to Google account, linked accounts and unlinking the Mi Home app

But then when I reinstall Google home, Set up device, Choose a new link, select Mi Home it AUTOMATICALLY relinks me with Mi Home without asking for a new login or password.

The login setting must be saved somewhere, but where?

How can I unlink and relink with my secondary Mi Home account??


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