Unlocked Galaxy Z Flip 3

Hi folks, my unlocked Galaxy Z Flip 3 is due to arrive any day now, and I’m not sure how the process goes with unlocked phones, as this will be my first one. I currently have a S10 with Xfinity Mobile, and I need to trade that in for the Z Flip. Will Samsung include directions on how to send back the S10, a label, packaging, etc.? And it’s just the phone I’ll need to send back, right? Not the ear buds and charger that originally came with it?

Also, when I get the phone, will I need to go to the Xfinity Mobile store to have the new phone unlocked and set up (assuming they will allow for this phone to come over to their service), or is this something I can just do all online myself? If I have to go to the Xfinity store, will I need to have turned on the phone and start the process a little first, and then they would take over?

Thanks, just want to make sure I have an idea of what will happen since this is so new to me.

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