Unlocked Note 20 Ultra 5G Upgrade

Note 20 Ultra 512 GB Upgrade to Note 22 Ultra 512 GB, currently have a Black Unlocked Note 20 Ultra 5G 512GB I would love to trade it into Samsung in order to get the highest trade-in special promotion/bundle for the Note 22 Ultra 5G Green 512 GB.

How much do you guys estimate/predict Samsung will offer us for like new mint Unlocked Note 20 Ultra 5G? Does anyone have a leak about how much an Unlocked Note 22 Ultra 512 GB will costs?

Do you predict Samsung will offer Super Bundles for the New Note? In the past they offered awesome AKG Headphones.

Will you be getting Samsung Care for the Note 22 Ultra or is it a Rip Off?

What company will you be looking to buy a Note 22 Ultra Case/Screen Protector From?

Is there a Note 22 Ultra Email/Update/News Subscription sign up List or Official Website?

Will You Be Pre-ordering the Note 22 Ultra February 9th 100%? If so which Color and size will you choose? Unlocked or Carrier specific? Are there any advantages to having a Carrier Specific Phone VS Unlocked?

This is all speculation/estimates for the most part just want to discuss it and appreciate any information.

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