Unlocked phones

Hello all. I recently purchased an unlocked, certified preowned Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung.com for a pretty reasonable price. That being said, I am not too familiar with unlocked phones. I have used one once for a short time. Awhile back, I had picked up a used, unlocked Galaxy S10e from Amazon. I have T-Mobile and the service was kind of so so. Now my wife had the T-Mobile S10e and she actually got more bars and better service it seemed even though we both had LTE.

I haven’t received the Note 9 yet, but this is one of my concerns that my service won’t be as good as it should be. I had the carrier Note 9 awhile back and my service was easily better than all devices I have had recently. I made a stupid mistake and traded it in and obviously couldn’t get it back, so this is why I opted to buy a cheaper used one.

I have heard though that getting an unlocked device is a lot of the time better than carrier. How about updates? How does this work with an unlocked device? I was getting pretty regular updates when I had my Note, even if they were just security patches.

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