Unlocking the my S21+

I am having trouble getting my S21+ to unlock. For the purpose of this message what I want is to be able to press the power button and see the Home screen when at home or in the car. Right now when I press power, I get a gray screen that says "Phone unlocked by Smart Lock". I then have to swipe multiple time and eventually I get either the Home screen or it asks for my finger. I suspect I changed a setting to cause this but don’t remember what it was. I do have a pattern and fingerprint set but it does not always show up.

When I am home or in the car how can I I simply want to press the power button and see the Home screen. (I already disabled Bixby.) I dno’t want to use a fingerprint, swiping or pattern. I don’t care if it uses my location or my wi-fi to do this but would prefer to not use Bluetooth.

Also, when in the car I want to use the power button to see the Home screen or whatever was showing when the phone closed.

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