Unstable/No signal 4G LTE

My samsung note 10 plus signal become unstable and totally lost. It is happen after i send my phone for broken screen replacement. How can i explain this, you guys got it? It is the signal performance become low from before. I have call my telco and explain this issue, but they said there are nothing problem from their side. And whats make me agree with them is after i change my sim card to another phone and yes the signal is normal. So now i suspect maybe the issue is from the compartment device in my phone. But i dont know which part of the compartment that related to antenna or signal. And i already sent to repair shop again to check it, and they just clean some electronic part inside but the issue still remain the same. What should i do guys? There are any part inside that i need to change or need to be clean?

Which part maybe effected if this is happend from the screen replacement at the repair shop??

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