Update killed my “Ok Google searcy bar” on home screen

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
In these incessant updates I get, the last one took out my Google Search Bar widget on the home screen. I tried to disable Google and re-install the old original version in place of the ‘new improved one.’ This worked for a few restarts then I was back to no voice recognition and no Google search bar.

Looking in widgets it wasn’t there even a search wouldn’t shake it loose!:confused:

If I open the Google app, then I get a bar that has the microphone on the right side and it looks like the one I want but it isn’t. I must touch the microphone icon to make it hear my voice, THEN it works but its not on the home screen as it once was.

The Ok Google thing has worked beautifully all this time but now it’s hosed. What to do? I did NOT do a hard reset. and if we get it to work again, how do I stop those Google updates from biting me in the butt?? 😮

Running Android 8.10 on SMT580

Thanks a lot

25544 Norad


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