Upgrade to 21 Ultra from Note 10 +

Note 10 + user since October 2019 I upgraded to S21 Ultra European version, 8 days ago.
I want to share my impressions particularly for the users of Note 10+ that might be interested for similar upgrade.

The device is considerable thicker than the Note and to my taste if you put side by side the 2 phones, the Note looks more slick and nicer.

It is heavier, that makes it inconvenient to use it at bed, otherwise you get used with it after a couple of days.

Cameras are great, absolutely better!

Scrolling is very fast thanks to 120 ghz refresh rate but other than that, screen quality, speed and performance has no visible difference from the Note.

Despite the bigger battery I see that doesn’t last more than the Note.

The bigger S pen is really nice and can write much more comfortable.
Definitely a plus for the hard core s pen users.
I bought the original silicon case from Samsung with the S pen slot, which in real life is nicer than on the pictures and videos.
Just a bit loose in the bottom around the charging port and that it collects easily hand grease on the back side from where you hold the device.

As a conclusion, to my experience after 8 days, upgrade is only worth if you need a better camera or the latest and greatest phone.
Otherwise in the day to day use does not really offer something more.

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