Use a different Gmail account in Youtube app without “adding an account”?

I have my primary google account on my phone and it’s used for Gmail, Photos, and whatever other google app wants to use it.

For youtube though, I’d like to use a different google account. The trouble is, if I "Add Account" and login to Youtube. It seems to screw up the whole phone. All google apps now want to use that secondary account. So Gmail defaults to showing me the inbox of the 2nd account, I see the account logo on all the apps.

So is it possible to login to the Youtube app using different credentials without actually adding a google account to the phone? I’m thinking that my only option is to use the browser and login to it that way and just quit using the youtube app completely.

Or is there a way to tell the phone that THIS is the primary account, stop using that other one for anything unless in that app I ask to use it.

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