Using Google Voice on my LG G3. I have a question on incoming calls

I used GV for several years, however when I bought a new phone I ceased using the service (I have experience with the service). Now, a year later I decided to restart using GV and ported my cell number to them. Upon completion of the port I called my service provider and was given a random phone number for my phone.

Everything is working fine with my G3 using the GV app. My issue with is calls coming in for the previous owner of tha trandom phone number I was given. I can tell this because they only ring on the phone dialing app and not on GV.

I use the GV app exclusively and have no need for the phone’s dialing app. I thought I could delete or somehow disable the app, but it is not even listed under applications. I just want the calls to that random number I was given to stop and see no way to do that.

Does anyone have an idea?


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