Verizon Galaxy S8 wish to root

I have a Samsung Galaxy s8+ unlocked from Verizon SM-G955U. I need Android 10 or newer (android 11) in order to utilize ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aid) for compatibility with my new Oticon More Hearing Aids. Sam won’t give us 10 or newer.

I wish to root this phone so I can utilize ASHA and other advantages. (and just have fun if I don’t wind up tearing my hair out. 🙂 )

I have read that VERIZON S8+ cannot be rooted. I have also read that it can.

I have no knowledge of rooting and wish to get the right information on all this, so would appreciate being led in the right direction – websites etc. Last thing I want to do is brick the thing.

Hope someone out there has had experience with Verizon Galaxies.

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