Verizon S21 Ultra 5G visual voicemail issues

I picked up an S21 Ultra 5G 512gb a couple months ago off of Swappa. It’s the Verizon-locked version, was originally purchased at Best Buy (seller sent the receipt). Most things about the phone are great, but I haven’t been able to get Verizon’s visual voicemail on this phone. The voicemail app on the phone is a green logo ‘Voicemail’ not the typical Verizon red, and the only thing it does is dial your voicemail. Insane that a locked $1500 phone didn’t come with that pre-loaded.

So far I’ve tried multiple SIMs (Verizon 4G from my unlocked note 9, which had working VVM, and a new Verizon 5G), multiple device resets, and nothing has worked.

Tried Verizon’s tech support from local store up to tier 2/upper level and none of them can figure it out. In fact they claim that some of the Samsung phones sold at Best Buy are ‘not manufactured in the same country and we don’t support them’… so they have been unsurprisingly useless.

Currently I’m using Voxist which has been ok-ish, but I’d like to get back to something that doesn’t require re-routing calls to a 2nd number to function on the voicemail. And at times it doesn’t correctly log the caller ID which makes it harder to sort through a list of

Has anybody else w/ a Verizon-locked S21 Ultra had this issue and solved it?

Does anyone know of a Verizon VVM apk file that’s available for download/install perhaps? I’ve tried to install the Samsung ones and those aren’t compatible with the Verizon-locked version.

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