Verizon’s Customer Service Has Really Gone Downhill…

General Carrier Discussion
Having been with them for over twenty years, and for the most part very satisfied with their customer service and protocols, irrespective of the CV problems…

My sense is that Verizon from the top down has made it fairly difficult to get the company off of their …now… rather strict rules, regulations, protocols when asking the company for assistance. If you can connect, their reps are ‘just following the rules’ and trying to get supervisors on the call, that too has been difficult and if successful, their hands are tied, where in the past, they had the ability… to make things happen.

Finally, it appears to me that deals and promotions are to get new customers to switch over rather than taking care of long term, and loyal customers. LOYALTY TO VERIZON… DOES NOT MATTER!

Don’t know how others here feel but I get the sense, others will agree with me.

If I didn’t travel so much in the rural West, I’d port out of Verizon to T Mobile.


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