Very Weird Thing is Going On…

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Hello, something very weird and scary thing is going on, I’m almost in shock right now, because thing happened I can’t explain.

In the morning, about at 9 AM, I got call from someone, but he stopped calling very quick, so I didn’t pick up. So, it was a missing call technically. I checked it in the history and it showed me country code which was very unusual. I googled it and it told me country code belongs to Ethiopia, which is completely foreign for me and I don’t have anyone there (I’m from Europe). Well, I assumed it was a scam attempt and ignored it. Now, things will get even more weird: Few minutes ago, at 12 and something PM, phone started ringing again, but what was unusual about it was the different interface. It looked different than what my phone has when someone calls me and it had ringtone of not Facebook or any other app, but just a regular ringtone when someone is calling you with dial button. I went into calls history to check that call and I didn’t see that call there at all! I mean, someone tried to call me, I didn’t pick up, but it should be in calls history as a missing call, but it wasn’t there. How is this possible? If I were alone, I would think that maybe I’m going crazy and it was a hallucination, but I’m at work and my coworker who is sitting next to me also heard that call, so it definitely wasn’t hallucination or my imagination. Is it possible at all, what I just experienced?


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